Whew! The Year-End Rush is Over. What do you need to know for 2023?

2023 is here –are we back to normal yet?

The year that just ended would have been unprecedented, but it was preceded by 2021 and 2020! Human Resources and Employee Benefits professionals were still scrambling to implement the last of the pandemic protocols and incorporate the temporary measures that were mandated for employer-sponsored group medical plans.

Are you getting a fair shake? Decoding your medical insurance renewal.

10 tips to level the playing field for your next renewal

Have you “really” read your renewal exhibits? If you have, you know these are an exercise in financial engineering designed to bully or intimidate the buyer into submission (or, in this case, acceptance of the renewal).

What if health insurance actually made people healthier?

10 tips to take back control of your medical program

Health insurance is in a perpetual state of devolution. Our medical plans seemingly defy the physical laws of natural selection where only the fittest survive and evolve.

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